[Announcement] Closed Beta Testnet will be reset on the July 29!


We’ll perform “Chain reset” against Nine Chronicles beta testnet on July 29. Like it’s been so far, we’ll update our nodes(seed, miner, block explorer) on there and restart with new game data differ previous.

What’s the “Chain Reset”?

Please see the previous article about that. This case is the same reason for it.

What’s the change?

We’ll post about the changelog of v11001 in the near future.

What should I do?

This is also exactly the same as before. :sweat_smile:

After our nodes are updated, game clients and launchers will update to v11001 automatically. After the v11001 update is finished, you can use “DOWNLOAD SNAPSHOT” to reset the local chain and then play the game on the new environment.

I want to continue the old version with my characters.

Of course. :smile: Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized game that means you can manage your own game data without any central servers.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer compatible with nodes in the default network, but you can continue the previous play data even in single play by following the steps below.

  1. Turn on the “Miner” mode.
  2. Empty PeerStrings in config.json file as below.
    // other many settings
	"PeerStrings": [],
    // other many settings