[Announcement] Nine Chronicles Closed Beta Testnet will be reset in this week!


In this article, I’ll announce the news about chain resetting on Nine Chronicles Testnet.

What is “Chain reset”?

As many of you know, the data of all players on the blockchain is stored in blocks. And these blocks are chained together. Nine Chronicles isn’t different from this.

“Chain reset” means deleting all play data recorded in the existing chain and playing in a new environment.


Currently, Nine Chronicle’s in-game data are stored in a special block called “Genesis.”

These data are basically made in a patchable form without a chain reset, but unfortunately, some game designs had to be implemented with specifications that exceeded the category of “patch” originally expected. :cry:

The Planetarium team will continue its efforts to find a patchable data structure until the mainnet is launched. At the same time, however, there may be a few more chain resets if necessary to increase game maturity.

What’s the changes?

You can find the changes in v1026 through this article.

What should I do?

After our nodes are updated, game clients and launchers are automatically updated to v1026. After the v1026 update is over, you can use “Clear cache”, or “Download the latest blockchain snapshot” to reset the local chain and then play the game.

I want to continue the old version with my characters.

Of course :smile: Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized game that means you can manage your own game data without any central servers.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer compatible with nodes in the default network, but you can continue the previous play data even in single play by following the steps below.

  1. Turn on the “Miner” mode.
  2. Empty peers in launcher.json file as like below.
    "peers": [],