[Announcement] Nine Chronicles v1026 will be released!

Nine Chronicles’ latest version (v1026) will be released on June 10. (after “Chain Reset”)

In this article, We’ll introduce major changes in v1026.

Added Action Point Stone item

Now you can recharge your action point whenever you want through the AP Stone. You can get the item by clearing a specific quest.

Added an hourglass item

Now with an hourglass, you can shorten the time to make items. You can get the item by clearing a specific quest.

You can freely mount your equipment anywhere

You can now freely mount the equipment from the Character menu.

Check out before making food effects

Food has a very powerful effect. Check the effects before cooking, and solve difficult battles with food.

You can check other user’s specific information!

It was difficult to identify other people’s information from PvP to CP only. Now you can click on the other user’s home icon to get a closer look at the equipment and capabilities.

Opened a new world

Now you can play up to 150 stages. Enjoy a variety of monsters and new worlds.

Known Issues

The bugs below are already known to us, and we plan to fix them soon.

  1. There is a problem with dialogue or some pop-up animations not immediately disappearing.
  2. On some screens, pressing the ESC button or the Back button too quickly does not work. Press once more to resolve.
  3. There is a problem with the screen shaking when the character menu is displayed during the battle.
  4. The CP is not immediately reflected when installing equipment in the Character menu. Re-open the menu will resolve the issue.
  5. Equipment cannot be upgraded when all workshop slots are in use.

Please feel free to report any other issues to the Discord #bug-report channel. :smile:

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Great changes there, thx Swen and ALL the Planetarium team!

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