Display bugs

Hello :slight_smile:

thank you again for inviting me to the beta ! Here’s some small bugs I’ve found during my 1st user experience :

  • When launching a quest from the main menu, there’s a loading screen but I can hear footstep in the background music
  • If I want to combine 4 materials which do not have a matching recipe, it consumes 5 energy without crafting anything
  • When choosing the Workshop from the main menu > Upgrade then choosing the “Equipment” tab, there’s a display bug :

  • When crafting a recipe (the Legendary Canned one), staying on the crafting tab until receiving the mail saying "it’s all good, I’ve clicked on the “workshop” button, the crafting still shows 0/3 blocks. Just a display bug, reloading the Workshop button make it disappear
  • When crafting a sword, same kind of bug : the blocks show “2/2”, closing and opening the Workshop button make “0/2” appears

I’m out of energy so I’ll make some more test after that ^^


Thanks for your report! We’ll fix these problems soon!

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