[FAQ] Can I earn cryptocurrency by playing Nine Chronicles?

Sure, You can earn NCG by playing Nine Chronicles!

You’re getting involved in ‘mining’ by using your computing resources to play games on your PC. If you just play the game, you can earn a certain amount of gold. Since gold is essential to playing a game, you can use the gold that accumulates while playing the game to play.

In the future, Nine Chronicle Gold may be registered on the exchange and traded. But honestly, we want to more focus on how users will use the gold earned through mining and what direction the in-game economic model will be built.

Many users move the gold they earned through the game to the exchange to get a refund, which means that the gold is useless in the game, or that the game is not attractive enough to use gold. We want to make a good game economy that users actually use the gold they earned through mining and that this currency.

Users who have participated in the closed-test so far will be given a certain reward when open beta is opened.