[FAQ] How can I receive the reward I purchased?

  1. You would have received the reward code by email. After copying the code, access the game and press the Settings menu at the bottom. Press the Redeem Code button in the setup popup.

  1. When the popup appears to enter the code, enter the copied code and press the OK button.

  1. Entering the code closes the pop-up window, and you have to wait a moment. It’s okay to battle or do other things while waiting. Rewards can be received anywhere.
    (There is a bug that shows up as ‘Invalid Code’ even if you enter the correct code. Please ignore Noti and wait.)

  1. When you receive the reward, you will see a shiny gift box at the bottom left. Please click on the box.

  1. The box opens to view the reward details. After a while, the window will close.

Now check your inventory!