[FAQ] I get “Invalid Passphrase” whatever I tried

If you had participated in our pre-alpha test (27 November–1 December 2019 & 6–9 December 2019 KST) you likely already have a private key with an empty passphrase. As the whole play data was gone the key holds nothing on the current public alpha network. So we recommend you to revoke the private key and create a new one.

  1. Click the bottom-right button to open Settings window.

  2. In Settings window, click the Revoke Private Key button to remove your existing private key.

  3. Click OK to continue. It’s okay because the play data this key had held is gone now. You press OK, then the Nine Chronicles app immediately terminates.

  4. Launch the app again, and click anything to start the game. You can see the Sign-up window. Create a new account and enjoy it!