[FAQ] If you use McAfee LiveSafe, read this

McAfee LiveSafe frequently interfere with Nine Chronicles’ P2P connectivity. So, if your application does not open ports and does not turn off NetGuard in the firewall settings, you will experience persistent network errors (26, 27, and 28).

You need to open every ports and turn off NetGuard following files: Nine Chronicles, NineChronicles.Headless.Executable, and 9c.exe

You can see how to do this: https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/oracle/webcenter/page/scopedMD/s55728c97_466d_4ddb_952d_05484ea932c6/Page29.jspx?articleId=TS100813

Note) “NineChronicles.Standalone.Executable” will change to “NineChronicles.Headless.Executable” from v100023.

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