[FAQ] No window appears after running Nine Chronicles.exe

It may be a problem with the cache used by Nine Chronicles.


Please delete %TEMP%\.net\Nine Chronicles folder.


In macOS, clearing cache is more complex than Windows because its location isn’t fixed.

  1. Run Nine Chronicles from Terminal.app via below commands
    $ ~/Application/Nine Chronicles/Nine Chronicles.app/Contents/MacOS/Nine\ Chronicles
  2. Delete /private/var/folders/<dir> that occurred the error message you’ve got.
    The application to execute does not exist: ‘/private/var/folders/<dir>/Nine Chronicles.dll’.

Or, you can delete all caches under /private/var/folders/ by below command

$ sudo rm -rf /private/var/folders/*
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Thank you for the tips!

I’ve deleted the two folders (Nine Chronicles and Nine Chronicles Updater), uninstalled the game, redownloaded the client, redownloaded the blocks aaaand… it’s working!

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Might actually have to run it like this: $ /Applications/Nine\ Chronicles/Nine\ Chronicles.app/Contents/MacOS/Nine\ Chronicles

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