[FAQ] What is the difference between Nine Chronicles and other decentralized games?

We are making a decentralized game that everyone can enjoy easy and fun. This means that other decentralized games are not yet fun or difficult to enjoy.

So far, blockchain games have had difficulty commercializing because of technical limitations. Nine Chronicles takes us an average of 15 to 30 seconds to load the next stage. However, the existing blockchain game took about 10 minutes for one action to take place. And there was a difficult problem to apply to commercial games, such as buying certain cryptocurrency at the start of the game and playing the game only after additional work for about two weeks.

However, there are still many problems in commercial games that can be solved by decentralizing the game, such as deceiving item probabilities and the problem that all users’ data is blown away at the end of the game regardless of the user’s intention.

However, due to the technical limitations mentioned above, blockchain games have so far been developed in such a way that only items are put on the blockchain while claiming decentralized value, or some key logic of the game is not put on the blockchain. If some games were decentralized, there was a problem of not being able to collect users due to a lack of game ability.

In response, we have tried to make a fun decentralized game while taking a leap forward in technical limitations. Many problems are still revealed in our CBT. But you’ve been able to access the game right away simply by creating an account, and you’re looking at a load time that’s a little slow, but you can wait.

We are constantly tracking and improving user experience and fun.
Please keep giving us a lot of feedback, we will work harder on the development!