Key doesnt work

I entered my e-mail to check this game out, i was able to download it. but the key that it gives me is invalid. I’m not sure how that is even possible. ive tried copying it from the site that pops up, and my e-mail. it told me to unlink my e-mail and start the game over, as it was an option easily found, it is not. So my questions are, number one, how do you even get a key that works? And this raised a concern that if it just generated my key and it is invalid, how many times should i plan on restarting my progress? No offence meant but Ubisoft isnt the greatest at debugging, so i have concerns if i even want to start now. so i thought id ask here.

I have since figured this out, i just started over with a newly created e-mail.
i hope it doesnt “forget” again. feel free to delete as i cannot.