Missing purchased items

Have spent over 1000 gold on items that have failed to show up in my mailbox.

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For me it is nor only purchased items but also when crafting or after successfully conquering stage. When crafting materials are subtracted and crafting process shows as started then a minute later process disapears and no item is crafted but materials are lost. Also after conquering stage I am getting reward but reward newer appears in my items and stage is also repeated again. I noticed that this usually happens after showing reorganization message.

I just lost my best armor which was valued at least at a few thousand coins. It is heartbreaking that a project as good as this has these bugs. I hope the team can rectify this alarming bug and we recuperate our losses. It’s sad day.

I feel like I’ve been robbed, all my coins are missing and so is my best armor.

Quando isso acontecer, feche o jogo imediatamente e restarte o lauch, funcionou comigo.

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