Nine Chronicles Quick Game Guide


Nine Chronicles is a free-to-play RPG set in a vast fantasy world — governed by its players, and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency. You take control of a fresh-faced adventurer ready to carve a name for yourself in the Nine Realms collecting unique loot and battling the deadliest of foes.

Why it is 100% decentralized? is it important? Yes, it is. We want to make a whole fantasy world that doesn’t depend on the game company — an online world that can exist as long as there are players, and a world that is fully owned by the community. That’s why we made Nine Chronicles a 100% fully decentralized fantasy world. We don’t have any oracles (“superuser”) ruling the world just like other decentralized networks (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum). Every action will be saved on-chain so that you can verify the whole world’s status by yourself. To achieve this mission, we’ve built Libplanet, a new Distributed Ledger Technology library for implementing P2P MMO games. Nine Chronicles is the first game based on Libplanet.

How to create a character

1. Account creation

(1) When you execute the game launcher, you will see this sign-up dialogue after you click the main illustration. Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button to create a new account.

(2) In this dialogue, you should decide on a password for your account. Write the same password in the two text boxes then click the DONE button.

(3) Please keep a copy of your private key. If you have already passed this screen, you can also copy the private key from the setup menu in the game. However, you should never tell anyone about this key!

(4) Game data has already been loading since the launch. But if the loading is not finished yet, you will see this screen. Watch our teaser video, game guide, and block explorer.

(5) After the loading is complete, you must enter the last invitation key to start the game. Enter the invitation key that you received by mail. It’s almost done!

(6) You’re all ready to turn on the game. Finally, set the resolution of the game screen!

2. Create a new character

(1) You can create 3 characters per account. Click the :heavy_plus_sign:NEW CHARACTER button.

(2) You can choose hair, eyes, ear, and tail type to make your character unique. If you decide the style, click the CREATE button.

Character’s status

  • HP: The character’s hit point. if it goes to 0, the character loses the battle.
  • ATK: Attack power. You can see how much damage you can do to the enemy.
  • DEF: Defense power. You can see how much damage you can defend from the enemy.
  • CRI: This is the percentage of how often you can make critical attacks.
  • HIT: You can get a higher chance of attack if your hit points are higher.
  • SPD: Speed of the character. A character can do more actions than enemies.

(3) Choose your name. Nickname must be between 2-20 characters and can only include alphanumeric characters. If you decide the name, click the OK button.

(4) Finished! :hugs:You can explore the Nine Chronicles world.

Start your first adventure

1. Get ready for the adventure

(1) Click dungeons. (If it’s hard to find, check the screenshot’s ↓ arrow)
Screenshot 2020-10-26 221833

(2) Click the activated world. At first, the only world you can go to is “Yggdrasil”. By winning certain stages, new worlds will be unlocked.

(3) You can see the stage’s details on the right side of the stage selection page. In the beginning, you can only choose Stage 1. Select and click Enter.

(4) On this page, you can decide which equipment and consumables to use for this stage adventure. This will be the most important step to defeat the higher stages. If you are ready to proceed, click the START button. it will use :star:︎5 action power.

Every action of Nine Chronicles uses your “Action Power”. You can refill the action power by clicking the Prosperity Meter below when it is full.

2. Stage battle

During the battle, there are no required controls from the player’s side. The battle is fully simulated when the last block is finalized, so what you bring to the battle is key! You can see how the battle unfolds here.

  • Do you want to repeat the current stage? Toggle the “Repeat” button at the bottom-right of the battle scene. It will revisit the stage after your victory.


If you win the battle, you can earn EXP points. If it is enough to level up, your character will become more powerful.

Every stage has its first Clear Reward. As we provide key items to proceed with the next step, it will be fun to look at the Rewards and predict what to do next.

You didn’t get three stars on the stage? Don’t worry. Various rewards are given differently in stages. If you don’t get three stars, you won’t be able to move on to the next stage, and you can advance to the next stage through a re-try. Additionally, you can earn materials as rewards. You can create items by using these materials. See also Create your own item section.

Also, Breaking the stage allows you to open up more and more content. There are various contents such as workshops, markets, and PVP battles. Climb higher!


If you lose the battle, you can earn some Exp :cry:

Go find an easier stage and raise your level, or learn the stage’s enemy pattern so that you can prepare better equipment.

Click the Main button and let’s prepare more.

Create your own item

You need to reach Stage 3 to activate item creation. As soon as you clear the 3stage, you can be notified that the workshop has been opened. And the first equipment recipe you have to make is also open.

You can create new items by using the materials you gathered inside dungeons. There are three types of item creation.

The number of slots that can make or upgrade at once is limited to 4. You can see this in the workshop menu at the bottom. A good judge of what schedule the slot should be run will affect your growth schedule.


The equipment has a variety of recipes. Gather materials through a stage battle and make your equipment a better-effects recipe. Each equipment has three sub-recipes. The better the recipe, the harder it is to collect the material, or NCG is needed. Each of the same recipes has a chance of being given a good one, and the results may vary slightly.

You can’t make all the equipment from scratch. The more you clear the higher the stage, the more types of equipment you can make, and the more recipes you can choose from. Open the locked slots one by one!


You can use the materials to make food. Food only works for a single stage, but the effect is powerful. If you create more delicious food :yum: it can have a variety of added effects, which is very useful when exploring higher-level stages.


You can upgrade existing equipment by combining them with items that have the same grade and level. It will be very helpful if you have lots of same level equipment. There is no extra cost to upgrade the equipment. Just wait a moment, and the upgrade is complete.

How to trade items

You need to reach stage 17 to activate item trade.

Nine Chronicles aims to be a fully decentralized P2P MMO, so there are no items sold by NPCs or game companies. Since all items are traded only between players, the price of the item is determined by the market economy between players.


You can list your own items on the sales list. If you submit a list of items, the items on the list will not be available for dungeons.


You can use gold to buy items that others have put on the sales list. 16 items are randomly displayed, and you can use the refresh button to find the item that you’re looking for.

How to battle with others

You need to reach stage 25 to battle with others.

Nine Chronicles offer the opportunity to fight other users five times a day. Ever since PvP opened, compete with other users for who is stronger. If you maintain a high ranking, you will also be rewarded.

The arena will renew its number of battles at a certain interval, and the number of attempts that can be made at once will be limited to five. The more you challenge a stronger opponent, the more points and food material you can get.

Who will be the strongest in the Nine Chronicles? We’re very curious about that!

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