[Tip] How to turn on mining?

You can turn on the mining option. By this, you can earn Gold using your computing power.

or, you can also enable this setting via a config file(config.json) located %localappdata%\Programs\Nine Chronicles\resources\app\.

    // other many settings... 
	"NoMiner": false,
    // other many settings...

If you are using Windows and have problem editing the file, follow this: right-click the quoted arquive and ‘open with’ then select ‘wordpad’. Make the change from noMiner: true to ‘false’ and try to save the arquive. If you cant save it in the game folder (because you installed it in the C: directory and needs admin permission or whatever), save it in the deskot the paste/copy it to the game’s folder and allow the substituition.

Don’t delete your desktop file 'cause you will need it to disable the mining if/when needed.
Don’t forget to quit the game and start it again to apply the changes.

It should work fine then.