[Tip] What is passphrase?


To play Nine Chronicles, you must create an account.
You have to set a new passphrase (password) yourself.

The ID has already been generated, and you only need to set the password. If you enter the same password twice, the account creation is complete.

If you lose this password, you will never recover your account. Please remember your password or write it down somewhere else.

Why not simply change it to ‘password’ and make people life easier!? Edit: Iam not, e.g., an english native speaker and i had to google for this word. And i do think that if u need a whole topic to explain this, u’re doing it wrong.

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There is some reason that we prefer “Passphrase” over than “Password”. :sweat_smile:

  • Usually, passphrase implies a phrase longer than the password. As is well known, the long-secret brings a significant improvement in security.
  • In general, passphrases are easier to memorize than passwords.

But also, as you said, I think labels that need explanation are not that good and it seems that using a passphrase and instructing you to enter a passphrase can be different.

So we’re going to discuss it again on the team. Thanks for your feedback!

Thx. Iam glad to help. I will help the most/best i can. Now, i do think (haha) u need to add the link of the related post to your “auto reply email” 'cause to get back here i had to click throu a lot of links. OFC, its just a suggestion to make things easier (once again). I’ve also posted on discord this:

Mastervolume: almost there is no difference between 100 volume down to 10 volume, even down to 8. I think it should be more “balanced” how the volume is downgraded.

Feel free to delete this answer to not poluate this topic if u think its unrelated witht he subject.