[221016] Proposal for Arena Grand Finale

[ Abstract ]
This document contains a proposal for the Arena Grand Finale, the ultimate event of the Nine Chronicles annual arena cycle. The proposal suggests different ways of executing 7 days long Arena Grand Finale itself, the distribution of 100K NCG among the rankers of the event, and converting previously accumulated medals with event items. After gathering opinions from the greater Nine Chronicles community, details for the Grand Final will be settled and executed as mentioned in the proposal. Therefore, please read the sections below and freely provide your suggestions and thoughts.

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[ Motivation ]
As the ultimate stage of all Arena seasons, The Grand Finale will motivate players to push themselves to the limit and constantly challenge themselves. Also, the Grand Finale will celebrate and honor players who have already proven themselves. Moreover, this proposal, through detailed game design, intends the Grand Finale to be enjoyable and exciting for all players.


[ Grand Finale Specifications ]
The Grand Finale is planned to be held around mid-late December. The battles will be streamed live by our dear YOHO, on Twitch.

[ Number of Participants ]

  • Total of 16 players: Top 8 players from Championship 1 & Top 8 Players from Championship 2(Players will not overlap)

[ Battle Plans ]**

:a: Battle Plan A: 15 Tickets(Battles) per player during the Grand Finale

  • Able to use only one ticket per opponent
  • A player will fight against once with every other participant
  • Scoring: Win(+20 Points), Lose(+1 Point)
  • When the ratings are the same, the player will be ranked the same


:b: Battle Plan B: 4 Tournament Leagues over 8 days, each league will be 2 days long

  • Able to use 3 tickets per league
  • Scoring: Win(+20 Points), Lose(+1 Point)
  • When the ratings are the same, the player with a higher CP will rank higher

[ Reward Plans ]

:a: Reward Plan A

  • 61,000 NCG: 1st: 10,000 NCG / 2nd-16th: 4,800~2,000 NCG
  • Title: Will include the chracter name of the 1st place player & Given to all the participants of the Grand Finale
  • NFT: NFT including the 1st place player info (Not D:CC PFP)


:b: Reward Plan B

  • 30,500 NCG: 1st: 5,000 NCG / 2nd-16th: 2,400~1,000 NCG
  • Title: Will include character names of 1st-3rd place player & Given to all the participants of Championship 1 & 2
  • NFT: NFT including the 1st place player info (Not D:CC PFP)

[ Other Events ]

  • Special Event Recipes will be open during the Grand Finale
    • Medals from Seasons 1-8 > Hourglass (Non-Tradable)
      • Medals from Championship 1,2 > AP Potion (Non-Tradable)
  • Guess the winner of the Grand Finale
    • Submit who you think will be the 1st place in the Grand Finale
      • Random 100 players with a right guess will receive 100 NCG
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Don’t know if it’s a reply here, about the idea of ​​the bot, the bot has increased significantly after the crystal transfer, obviously driven by revenue, my suggestion is to increase the cost of the bot and reduce his revenue:

  1. Increase the difficulty of sweeping, or even cancel sweeping, so synchronization can increase the recently discussed multi-account problem. Robots mainly make belts. Technically, can the sweeping function of canceling several stages be realized?
  2. Reduce the number of grinding crystals in the belt (this is the opinion of others), crystal grinding will be more extensive
  3. Prohibit the transfer of crystals, or issue an announcement for crystal transactions to explicitly prohibit them, which will greatly reduce the demand for abrasives and ensure that top players can normally sell their weapons, clothes, etc.
    Have more ideas, I will prompt to communicate