[221124] Proposal for Rune Upgrade Pobability & Cost

Proposal for Rune Upgrade Probability & Cost

  • Snapshot taken: Friday, Nov 25th, 03:00 AM UTC
  • Voting Period:
    Start: Fri, Nov 25th. 06:00 AM UTC
    End: Wed, Nov 30th. 06:00 AM UTC

[ Abstract ]

This document contains a voting proposal on the rune activation and upgrade cost, which will be included in v100340 of Nine Chronicles. The proposal will describe 2 different cost schemes for upgrading ‘Rune of Bleeding (Fenrir),’ one of the 5 runes premiering. [Plan :a:] One of the options will cost less compared to the to other option. However, it will have a lesser success rate. [Plan :b:] The other option will cost more but with a 100% success rate. Through community voting, we would like to draw a decision on the direction of the upgrade schematics and would like to set it as a future reference for runes that will be added in the future.

[ Motivation ]

We have acknowledged the burden on the players due to the success rate of equipment upgrades beyond +4 being less than 100%. However, equipment upgrades based on probability are widely prevalent in other games. And most of the content in Nine Chronicles provides a player experience based on probability. Therefore, it is not easy to simply exempt the probability from rune upgrades. In addition, this decision greatly influences the player’s gaming experience; therefore, deciding this via community voting would be suitable in terms of decentralization of Nine Chronicles.

[ Rationale ]

During the voting process amount of NCG, WNCG and D:CC NFT will be calculated as your voting power. Every NCG (1 NCG) is equivalent to 1 Vote, consequently, 1 WNCG will also be calculated as 1 Vote. Meanwhile , 1 D:CC NFT will be calculated as 999 NCG, therefore, will be counted as 999 Votes.

  • 1 NCG = 1 Vote
  • 1 WNCG = 1 Vote
  • 1 NFT = 999 Votes

For the exact calculation, snapshot of NCG, WNCG, and NFT will be taken at 5478000 Block (Nine Chronicles Block, which is estimated equivalent of Friday, November 25th, 2022, 12:00 PM KST)

[ Probability associated with the run cost Specifications ]

  • Please refer to the below image. Double click the image to expand

The Rune System is planned to be released around mid-December. The outcome of community voting will solely affect ‘Rune of Bleeding (Fenrir)’ which can be obtained from the World Boss: Fenrir. However, the team will value and definitely consider the decision in setting probabilities for other runes as well.