[230504] Proposal for Improving Monster Collection & Decentralized BM

[ Abstract ]

This proposal covers the changes in the Monster Collection included in the v200010 distribution and the contents of the upcoming Decentralized In-App Purchase (IAP) model based on these changes. The Decentralized IAP model includes a business model that allows not only Planetarium, the game’s developer and distributor but also all users who meet the conditions of NCG to sell their owned items to other users through payments.

[ Motivation ]

We have been working continuously to increase rewards and add various types of system rewards to promote the value increase of NCG tokens through NCG Staking. The connection with IAP in this proposal is a major motivation for strengthening the utility of NCG tokens through NCG Staking enhancement.

[ Specifications & Rationale ]

This proposal is not intended for any special voting, but rather to inform users about the reasons for our actions, our current implementations, and our ongoing efforts.

1. NCG Staking - Addition of Monster Collection System Levels

We plan to add higher levels, 6 and 7, to the existing system. These levels offer special rewards that can be collected and used to create equipment and food in the game. These materials can be sold through IAP. This structure is a process that considers acting as part of a decentralized BM modeling that sets the IAP’s materials to be sold with materials secured through some functions of the protocol, rather than minting and selling them as a central system has done.

The remaining rewards for these levels are as follows, in the same format as level 5:

Level AP Potion Standard Hourglass Standard Golden Leaf Rune Golden Meat Gold Dust
5 1 per 400 1 per 2 1 per 6000 X
6 1 per 400 1 per 2 1 per 6000 1 per 50 X
7 1 per 400 1 per 2 1 per 6000 1 per 50 1 per 50

The target users for these levels are not ordinary users but rather Nine Corporation, who will stake their NCG in this format. In the future, when sufficient rewards are set for validators and staking through POS, we intend to set up an environment where users can participate in these levels and earn rewards through DAO configurations.

However, at the initial stage of this overall plan, we will operate the system stably with a relatively high entry condition of 5 million and 10 million levels until we can propose sufficient experience and accurate criteria.

Additionally, we will not conduct voting through these accounts in DAO votes powered by Staking. We promise to respect the opinions of various NCG holders and proceed with collecting and implementing their opinions.

2. Introduction of Decentralized In-App Purchase Model

In this proposal, we initially implement a high entry condition to prevent uncontrolled token and content value when everyone can conduct decentralized BM without conditions. Once sufficient experience and accurate criteria are established, we plan to adjust the entry conditions to allow more diverse user groups to participate.

Furthermore, we will propose additional NCIPs to explain specifically what the flow will be.


[Implementation Plan]

  1. NCG Staking - Addition of Monster Collection Levels 6 and 7
    1.1. Based on 200010, update the existing system to include levels 6 and 7
    1.2. Design and implement the reward structures for levels 6 and 7, maintaining the format of level 5 rewards while introducing the exclusive rewards, Golden Meat and Gold Dust
    1.3. Perform extensive testing to ensure the seamless integration and proper functioning of the new levels
    1.4. Apply the data with the added levels starting from block 6700000
  2. Add items using the exclusive rewards, Golden Meat and Gold Dust, for levels 6 and 7
    2.1. Aim to introduce the new items using Golden Meat and Gold Dust during Q3 2023
    2.2. Develop and implement these items as IAP-exclusive products, maintaining a separate flow from existing equipment and food materials
    2.3. Ensure proper balance and functionality of these new items within the game
  3. Implement a system to package the item materials and sell them through IAP
    3.1. Target the addition of the sales process during Q3 2023
    3.2. Develop and implement the sales process outside of the basic 9c Unity client
    3.3. Initially start with mobile IAP and consider expanding to PC version usage in the future
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